DIY Blackboard Tutorial

Click for large image of Free Blackboard Clock Tutorial

Make your very own blackboard clock. Once done you can hang it in the kitchen and use it as a shopping or to do list. Let the kids draw different icons on the time points each day. The sky is the limit with this one so have fun!


Gather up all your supplies. You will need:

  • Clock movement and hands- I used a 5mm for this piece. - thickness of dial plus 3mm for washers and nuts = minimum length of shaft you need.
  • Your dial - I have used a square canvas. But you could use MDF or hard cardboard.
  • Chalkboard paint.
  • Knife or scissors for cutting out the whole for the movement.
  • Chalk and paint brush

Step 2.

Start painting your dial. I have used a canvas frame, and the texture is quite rough, so I ended up doing three layers of the paint. But just do as many layers until you get a nice even black finish.

Step 3.

Once the final layer is all done I have followed the advice of the friendly shop assistant at Bunnings, and have given the chalkboard paint a good dusting of chalk and then washed it off. This is to stop the first chalk you put down to create a permanate ghost image on the paint.

Step 4.

Work out the center of the dial, and then use the scissors to create the hole for the movement. Take your movement and add the hook (if needed) and then the black washer before inserting through your dial (the black rubber washer creates a bit of grip between the movement and the dial to stop the movement spinning around) then add the gold washer and nut. And then hands - hour, minute and then the second hand last. Don't forget to remove the clear tape from the hour and minute hands first - that's just there to keep them from getting scratched. 


I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. Any questions of comments please feel free to email us or comment on our Facebook Post for this tutorial.