Q. Do you ship Internationally?
A. Yes we do! See our shipping information for details

Q. How do I assemble a movement?
A. You can follow the instructions found here

Q. What is the diameter of the shafts in your movements?
A. All our shafts have a diameter of 8mm

Q. What do the measurements in the titles mean?
A. The measurement (such as 5mm Standard Movement) refers to the length of the threaded portion of the Shaft. In the diagram below it is measurement "C"

Q. How do I know what length I need?
A. If you are unsure you can read the information on this page to help you work this out. If you are still in doubt please contact us, we are always happy to help!

Q. Why did the quantities in my cart just double up?
A. This can happen if you log into your account and add items to your shopping cart. You then go away and come back another day and add items to the shopping cart again and then log in. The shop will then add your new cart to your previously saved old cart. You can just remove the double ups then, and to avoid this try logging onto your account before you start shopping.

Q. Help! I can't check out!
A. Our shopping cart uses Javascript to navigate through the checkout options. If you find you cannot progress through the checkout process you may have Javascript turned off/blocked. If you have any problems at all just email your order to us directly.

Q. My hands look damaged
A. All our hour and minute hands have a plastic wrap on them, make sure you peal it off before you add them to the movement.

Q. I have a vinyl cutout, how do I get it off the white plastic?
A. The easiest way to unpeal the vinyl is to turn the vinyl so the clear is away from you, and the the white is closest to you. Now start rolling the white plastic towards you, keeping it in a nice tight roll so the vinyl cutoff peals off and away with the clear wrap.

Q. What is the correct way to set the time?
A. All movements (except our High Torque movements) should be set by adding the hands (hour, minute then second) in the 12:00 position, and then use the dial at the back to set the time. Our High Torque movements are very highly strung to allow them to turn the large hands, these movements need to be set by turning the actual hands - turning the dial at the back will cause the movement to break.

Q. How are the hand measurements taken?
A. All hand measurements are taking from the centre of the hole (where is attaches to the shaft) to the tip of the hand. If there happens to be a tail on the hand it is not included in the measurement.

Q. Where are the hand options?
A. Please make sure you go into the product view to see the hand options. For example click on Standard Movements - Select your shaft lenght such as 5mm and click on the picture or the "Section Options" button. That will take you into the product page for that product and in there you can view and select your hand options.

Q. Do your clocks come with hooks?
A. In order to order charge you for exactly what you need, and not what you don't, all of our movements come without a hook. You can select to add a hook from the "optional add-ons" in the product pages.