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Christmas Closing Hours Clockworks will be closed for orders from Thursday (2pm) 17th Dec 2015 - Sunday 3rd Jan 2016. We will resume shipping on Monday 4th 2016. We hope you have a safe and Merry Chr...

Posted 5 months ago

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    This is a cute idea, and a great way to store your Lego mini-figures! Again the Our 12mm movements will be suitable and our Set 3 Black hands are very close to those in the picture. View the movement...

    Posted 6 months ago

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    How to assemble a Movement

    The diagram above shows the order for assembling our movements.

    The 'Dial" refers to your actual clock (such as a record, dinner plate of a piece or wood - whatever you are making your clock out of).

    The rubber washer behind the dial is optional. Without it you can save about 1.5mm of room for your dial. However it does create a nice grip between the movement and the dial, so we do recommend you use it if possible.

    Please note our hour and minute hands have a plastic protective slip on them, so you will want to peal that off before adding the hands to the movement.

    When pressing the hands on you should install them at 12:00 position and apply firm pressure to the left and right (to avoid bending the hands). They are tight, so be sure to press firmly.

    If you have any questions about the assembly of your movement please feel free to contact us.