Clockworks is Closing its doors

It has been a hard decision to make, Clockworks has been a wonderful stay at home business for me. But as my children have grown it is time for me to change my career path. For this reason I will be closing the doors after 10 years of getting to deal with some wonderful artists, schools and clock makers around New Zealand.

The plan is to no longer restock any items and run the shop until all is sold. While this will mean the shop stays open for months and months to come some popular items will go out of stock very soon, so if you want it get it now before its gone! 

I will post some specials and deals on our slower items as time goes on.

I thank you for your custom over the year

- Julie Sharpe

Vinyl Clock Decals

Sorry, but due to an error with our plotter machine no vinyls are currently available

Vinyl Cut Clock Numbers - 12,3,6,9

Vinyl Cut Clock Numbers - 12,3,6,9

Vinyl Cut Clock Decal NumbersWe have stacks of numbers all ready cut, so we are listing these on spe..

$2.00 Ex Tax: $1.74

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